Inspiring the New Empty Nester

It’s time to herald in the NEW empty nester! The 21st century empty nester’s experience is different. Yes, we still experience the initial sadness and a loss of purpose when our kids leave home, but we are quickly embracing this newfound freedom with a lot more enthusiasm than we once did. We are reinventing ourselves and loving it! We are serving, we are tweeting, we are blogging, we have Skype, and we are developing amazing online communities! Raising well-rounded kids is a very rewarding mission, but now it’s okay to embrace another!

As a relatively new empty nester, I now have more time to reflect on my amazing journey and chase new dreams. I was blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world, and now look forward to exploring more of the US. With my daughters blazing their own paths, I happily stand on the sidelines and cheer with only the occasional “interference” – a quality that is wired into every mom’s DNA. I thank God for them, and I thank God for this opportunity to inspire others in the digital age. ~ Gillian