One-Minute Devotions


Need to send flowers? Check out the beautiful assortments available from FTD. Whether it’s a pick-me-up floral arrangement or a significant milestone celebration, there is a wide variety to choose from. There is no need to miss that special day!


Get ready for a new hobby! The Canon Rebel, my personal favorite, is ideal for the novice photographer. This camera design fits perfectly  in your hands, and offers the stability you need to take those once in a lifetime shots you are bound to encounter as you travel the country and the world.



I began to consider the wisdom of buying a Kindle last fall. I thought that owning a Kindle would bring so many advantages like never having to search for an interesting book in the airport bookstore ever again. However, I did worry that I would lose the natural thrill that comes from touching and turning those crisp paper pages of a book I am so excited about reading. In the end, though, I succumbed to the trend and bought a Kindle, which I LOVE. The features are very user-friendly and the screen makes it easy to read without any bothersome glare. I now download my favorites in a snap!